Sidewall Skiing Is The Hottest, Dumbest New Trend In Saudi Arabia

Youths perform dangerous stunts while driving on two wheels.

1. Two-wheel driving, known as “skiing” or “sidewall skiing,” is the latest viral craze to hit Saudi Arabia.

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3. The maneuver is normally seen on Nascar tracks or in action movies and television series such as Transformers or The Dukes of Hazzard.

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5. Only men can take part in these stunts as Saudi Arabia forbids women from driving.

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7. These daredevils practice their tricks on highways outside the northern city of Ha’il.

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8. Rapper M.I.A. popularized the trend in her 2012 music video “Bad Girls.”

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9. A video of a Saudi Arabian man changing a tire while driving on two wheels went viral after it was published online last month.

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