George Zimmerman’s Lawyer Goes Out For Ice Cream During An Ongoing Murder Trial, Takes Selfie

UPDATE: A spokesman for Zimmerman’s defense has confirmed that the picture is of West and his “mortified” daughters and apologized for the “grossly insensitive” image. Yes, this is the same lawyer who told the knock-knock joke in court. posted on

1. George Zimmerman’s lawyer Don West apparently went out for ice cream with his daughters during one of the court’s recesses. He also took a selfie with said ice cream.

2. A local news station confirmed that the picture was of Zimmerman’s lawyer.

Rachel and Molly West left the courtroom. Their dad is not aware that the pic was on Instagram, spokesman said.

3. The local news station covering Zimmerman’s trial tweeted comparison photos of Don West’s ties over the past three days, indicating that the picture was most likely taken during the first day of the trial.

Notice the tie in the Instagram picture is not the one Don West wore Wednesday

Notice the tie in the Instagram picture is not the one Don West wore Thursday

Notice the tie Don West wore when he told his knock, knock joke during opening statements

6. Update - 7:05 p.m.: Zimmerman’s defense team confirmed that picture was of Don West and his “mortified” daughters.

Zimmerman defense team spokesman confirms photo, says Molly West 'is mortified,' Instagram acct closed.

Don West: "We're not always proud of things our children do, but we love them anyway, and then we move on."

Spokesman: "We understand the context of the comments with what's happened in court this week are grossly insensitive."


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