Celebrities On Twitter React To George Zimmerman’s Acquittal

“My heart hurts.” posted on

How do we explain this to children? RT @lolaogunnaike: Apparently walking while black is a crime punishable by death. #TrayvonMartin

Had a gun-toting Trayvon Martin stalked an unarmed George Zimmerman, and then shot him to death... DO I EVEN NEED TO COMPLETE THIS SENTENCE?

My heart is heavy...for all who knew and loved #TrayvonMartin. His life mattered. This is shameful.

Can't even gather words to express my hurt for Trayvon's family. Devastated

No. My heart is with Sybrina Fulton, Rachel Jeantel, everyone who loved Trayvon and has been sent the message that his life didn't matter.

Keep Trayvon's family in our prayers. Deeply unsatisfying verdict. Trial by jury is our only choice in a democracy.

We can keep working 4 a society where walking in ur neighborhood isn't a death sentence MT @LpinskyLinda furious re: verdict/What can we do

Linda, we can't let this pain be permission 2 stop, give up or give into despair. It must be a challenge to us to keep pushing @LpinskyLinda

We must mourn the unnecessary & unjust death of a child, but to honor him we must rededicate ourselves to the very ideals that were violated

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." Martin Luther King, Jr.

i want to rant but its like 1) i'm preaching to choir 2) this is about trayvon's parents not my anger 3) wont we just forget on sunday morn?

i need healing. i wanna be responsible & a model example but there's this voice in my head laughing like "pssh told you that you aint shit"

---whatever the case lets look at the past: rioting got us nowhere (rodney) passiveness got us nowhere (sean bell) america needs healing.

psssh i got nothin to say. im friggin crying. internalizing all this on some cube/dre "hear's what they think about u" ish.

Tampa was amazing but kame bak to my bus and saw da news...ain't shit change, and I may never get to see it do so. I pray 4my kids & yours.

That he didn't get at least manslaughter blows my mind. Heart hurts for the Martin family.

Defense Atty:"if George Zimmerman were black, he never would have been charged with a crime" Is he high?

Stalking and shooting unarmed teenagers because you’re a paranoid racist! AMIRIGHTGUYS?! YEAH!#FuckYouGeorgeZimmermanDieInAFire

I know many people are very upset about the verdict, but we must remain peaceful. No matter what, remain peaceful.

Prayers for the Martin family. ... Only God knows what was on Zimmerman mind but the gun laws and stand your ground laws must change.

This is not "only" about race. This is about laws that allow racist acts to go unpunished. We must change laws that promote injustice

This has to be a call to action. We must participate in the political process and demand the justice system we ALL deserve.

Black Parents hold your kids at home because apparently killing black children is okay

So dogs mean more than blacks do in this country. Mike Vick gets two years and Zimmerman gets off? 4give me PETA But this some BULLSHIT!

Fuck all of the celebrity! This Black father is appalled and flabbergasted aka pissed fuck off! Damn sad. We bringin slavery back next?

I can't even explain this to my kids. How? I'm just gonna. Put on ROOTS and start from the beginning

A Child is Dead & The Man that Killed Him is Free & Again The Child is Black...My Country Tis of Thee?

Zimmerman is no angel but the lack of evidence and the concept of self-defense, especially in Florida law, gave the jury little other choice

Fucking Zimmerman got away with murder today wow what kind of world do we live in

All them jurors should go home tonight and kill themselves for letting a grown man get away with killing a kid

And our taxes paid for that trial. We just paid to see a murderer walk free after killing an innocent unarmed little boy. #GodBlessAmerica

If u really believe racism isnt a massive problem, that the oppression of minorities is not a horrific and systemic issue. U R in denial.

Wow so a human life don't mean shit in America... they gave me 2 years for just having a gun smh #fuckthesystem

.@therealpeela sorry didn't know there was a verdict. In another part of the world no t.v.

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