Benedict Cumberbatch Attacks U.K. Government On "Sherlock" Set

The actor held up another sign on the Sherlock set today, criticizing the U.K. government’s detention of journalist Glenn Greenwald’s partner. Last week, he urged paparazzi to photograph Egypt instead of him.

Page 1:

“Questions we have a right to ask in a democracy - Cameron, Theresa May, GCHQ, teachers, parents, each other …..”

Page 2:

“Hard drives smashed, journalists detained at airports…… Democracy?”

Page 3:

“Schedule 7 Prior restraint - is this erosion of civil liberties winning the war on terror…..?”

Page 4:

“What do they not want you to know? And how did they get to know it? Does the exposure of their techniques cause a threat to our security or does it just cause them embarrassment…?”

Cumberbatch appeared to be referencing the recent detention of journalist Glenn Greenwald’s partner and the destruction of computer equipment containing information that had been leaked to The Guardian from Edward Snowden.

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