Sir Mix-A-Lot And CNN’s Jake Tapper Talked About Butts And Honesty On Twitter And It Was Awesome

Just another reason we should all be thankful for Twitter.

It all started when a fan asked CNN’s Jake Tapper what kind of jams he was currently rocking on his iPhone:

It was a Sunday morning, so the host of The Lead was at home with his family.

The fan took the opportunity to pitch a “Pop Lead” segment:

Then it began…

@jaketapper @whereishawkins I try to set an example

— therealmix (@Sir Mix-A-Lot)

.@therealmix one might also admire your war on nefarious societal pressures aka "so Cosmo says you're fat/well I ain't down with that"

— jaketapper (@Jake Tapper)

@jaketapper You Sir... are a dialectician. Impressive

— therealmix (@Sir Mix-A-Lot)

.@therealmix an honor being praised by royalty, Sir. Rooting for Sea-town in the Bowl. Have a wonderful Sunday!

— jaketapper (@Jake Tapper)

@jaketapper I've crossed 8 fingers and 4 toes

— therealmix (@Sir Mix-A-Lot)

Then Twitter, ahem, butted in:

@jaketapper @therealmix Notable that Tapper is being evasive on his position on big butts.

— brianhurn (@Brian Hurn)

@brianhurn @therealmix I'm agnostic on all gluteal issues, comes with the job

— jaketapper (@Jake Tapper)

@brianhurn @jaketapper Jake is fiercely protective of his brand

— therealmix (@Sir Mix-A-Lot)

We all are, Sir. We all are.

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