Most Read Wikipedia Articles From Around The World In 2012

There is a serious lack of cats and porn in this post. Available in 40 languages, Wikipedia searches can highlight culture divides.

1. English speakers looked up Facebook 32,647,942 times. Whyyyyyyyy?

ID: 777990

2. Meanwhile, the Japanese understood what the Internet is for, looking up the full list of local adult film stars 18,569,543 times.

ID: 777994

3. For some reason, the Dutch were super interested in Hua Shan, a mountain in Shaanxi, China. It had 12,719,284 views.

ID: 777997

4. And in Russia, the top visited Wikipedia article was Russia with 3,682,191 visitors.

ID: 778016

5. Like their English counterparts, the Spanish Wikipedia community couldn’t get enough of Facebook with 11,217,715 searches. Whyyyyyyyy?

ID: 778000

6. The article on Baidu, or China’s equivalent to Google, was read by 4,907,569 people.

Which, in a country of over 1 billion people, is not a lot for the top Wikipedia article.

ID: 778008

7. Anyone care to explain why the Germans read about cul-de-sacs 10,206,548 times?

ID: 778002

8. In Turkey the country’s first President, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, topped article searches at 2,185,387.

ID: 778035

9. French speakers love (or hate) Embattled Holly so much they read about it 4,464,618 times.

ID: 778012

10. At 1,385,687 visits, Indonesia is the third country to have Facebook as their top article. Whyyyyyyyy?

ID: 778073

11. Only 752 ,669 Danish speakers looked up tea, but it was enough to bump it to the top position.

ID: 778084

12. Vietnam also understands the Internet’s purpose, and was studying the list of every sex position ever. 2,018,973 times.

ID: 778072

13. And over 2,592,423 Italians needed to catch up on their “Grey’s Anatomy”.

All numbers courtesy of Tool Server.

ID: 778031

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