RIP MSN Messenger

It’s all over, folks.

MSN messenger is going to be retired on March 15th, 2013 in favor of Skype. If you were like me, you’ll always cherish the very awkward yet terrific conversations made on MSN in your middle school years. RIP, and let’s all say it together one last time… ASL?

ID: 809763

2. Press play and scroll slowly:

ID: 809738

3. Let’s remember the good times and NEVER FORGET:

ID: 809636

4. Never forget signing in.

ID: 809663

5. Never forget the classic conversations.

ID: 809793

6. Never forget the original Emoji.

ID: 809666

7. Never forget having no friends.

ID: 809649

8. Never forget talking to Smarterchild because you have no friends.

ID: 809709

9. Never forget playing Minesweeper with random people from Europe.

ID: 809658

10. Never forget chattin’ with Andre.

ID: 809679

11. Never forget Paul searching for Collective Soul tickets.

ID: 809646

12. Never forget the conversations between a duck and a space shuttle.

ID: 809752

13. Never forget the NUDGE.

ID: 809645

14. Never forget making the plans that would change your life.

ID: 809734

15. Never forget.

ID: 809811

16. But in the end, AIM was a million times better.


ID: 809842

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