“Most Interesting Man In The World” Endorses Obama

The actor, Jonathan Goldsmith, is hosting a fundraiser for the President tonight in Burlington, VT.

It makes sense, since Obama has revealed on the campaign trial that he likes a beer now and again. The White House even has its own beer recipes.

Some have voiced their displeasure with Goldsmith’s decision on Dos Equis’ Facebook page.

One said: “Mexican beer for Obama…………bye-bye Dos Equis.”

But a supporter retorted: “The Dos Equis man can’t have a beer with the man who thinks beer is a sin (Romney). I don’t drink, but if do, It will be Dos Equis.”

The brand’s importer, Heineken USA, said in a statement to Ad Age: “Mr. Goldsmith’s opinions and views are strictly his own, and do not represent those of Dos Equis.”

View four recent “Most Interesting Man in the World” spots below.

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