San Diego County Clerk Asks Court To Order Him Not To Marry Gay Couples

Ernest Dronenburg says California officials exceeded their authority by ordering county clerks to marry same-sex couples. He’s asked the California Supreme Court to issue an order that he not do so.

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Folks in San Diego had celebrated when the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal of California’s Proposition 8 in June, which led state officials to announce a few days later that same-sex couples again are allowed to marry in California.


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But, the San Diego County clerk, Ernest Dronenburg, disagreed with that decision, so he sued Gov. Jerry Brown and Attorney General Kamala Harris.

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Especially Harris. Because, Twitter.

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The tweet in evidence.

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Dronenburg, though, says they can’t do that.

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Because he is forced to marry gay couples, Dronenberg told the Supreme Court he is suffering.

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So, he’s asked the justices to order everyone to stop, including an order that he stop.

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Harris responded quickly, with a brief statement that said, basically, “No way.”


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Oh, and the rest of the county’s leadership said they had no clue this was happening, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.


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The California Supreme Court wants to hear responses to the request by Monday morning, and then a reply from Dronenburg by Tuesday morning.

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Then, in the coming weeks, they’ll deal with the other issues — as they are doing in the other challenge to marriage equality mounted by the supporters of Proposition 8.

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Update: Dronenburg says 19 of his fellow county clerks will be filing similar requests on Monday.


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Read Dronenburg’s petition to the California Supreme Court:

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