This Is A Masterclass In How To Win A Twitter Fight

Lessons from the Global Town Square™

If you spend a lot of time on Twitter, chances are you’ll come across somebody who really grinds your gears. They’ll say something rude/wrong/silly/unnecessary and you’ll be tempted to engage. A spat will ensue. A kerfuffle. It’s important you are prepared. Below is your template. If this happens to you, assume the role of tech evangelist and Rackspace Startup Liaison Officer, Robert Scoble.

Conflict can come out of nowhere, like this link to a thoughtful and interesting post about the role of Facebook’s algorithms in censoring a very important and sensitive national news story.

You engage.

A fellow thinkfluencer refutes your claim.

Here is where it is important not to give up. Dig in.

Here, you could give up. But this is a marathon. Steel yourself.

Via Twitter: @Scobleizer

And then, when nobody is expecting it, repeat this tweet word-for-word:

*the ground below you begins to shake*

Now, finish him.



For the purposes of full disclosure, the author’s Klout score is 14 points lower than Robert Scoble’s.

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