Amazing Maps Is Your New Favorite Twitter Account

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World Map Adjusted for Population Size (1 grid square = 1 million people)

Whether it’s a quick hack of Google’s mapping interface or a complicated piece of data visualization, maps have never been more useful, interesting, or important for understanding and relating to the world around us. Now, thanks to Amazing Maps, you can get a steady stream of info-graphical maps to enjoy in the privacy of your own Twitter feed.

While some of the maps seem to come from posts like Max Fisher’s excellent “40 Maps That Explain The World,” the account looks to be a good resource for any new and interesting map-related stuff that pops up across the internet. It’s worth noting that the account has come under criticism for improper/lack of citation, something the account claims it is fixing.

Below, enjoy just a few of the account’s most interesting maps:

To give some sense of scale: the United States overlaid onto the moon.

In 1992, around 29000 rubber ducks fell off a cargo ship in the Pacific Ocean. This is where they made landfall.

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