A Local Pizzeria In Florida Serves Pizza With Python Meat On It

Because FLORIDA.

2. At Evan’s Neighborhood Pizza, you can order many wonderful things. Just look at their delicious menu.

Pizza! Salad! Subs!

3. But they do have something rather curious at the top of their pizza toppings list:

4. Yup. Alligator. Alligator all up in your pizza.

5. But they don’t just stop at alligator! Evan’s have a special called “The Everglades” – a pizza featuring a decadent blend of python, frog and alligator meat.



Pizzeria offering python pizza…http:/

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7. WECT reports the pizza gets its name from the pythons that have gone wild in the national park.

A medium “Everglades” pizza will set you back a cool $45.

Don’t all rush to Fort Myers at once.

Correction: An earlier version of this stated that WECT was a location TV station in Fort Myers. WECT is based in North Carolina.

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