Which President Looks Sexiest In A Swimsuit?

Commander in brief.

1. Ronald Reagan

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A definite hit with the ladies!

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These guys are trying so hard to compete.

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Although Reagan’s swimsuit hotness would be era dependent.

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2. Richard Nixon

Swims only at night.

ID: 1525987

Nixon says: “Look at this plaid number.”

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Via (AP Photo)
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Obama might be the most photographed topless president ever.

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That said, Obama has had plenty of beach training.

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4. George H.W. Bush was careful to not get photographed with his shirt off.

Via Cynthia Johnson/Liaison
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Still, that didn’t keep him from having fans at the pool.

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5. George W. Bush was also careful to not get photographed swimming.

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But he has helped us piece together what this would look like:

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6. Eisenhower only appeared on the beach in military vehicles.


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7. LBJ liked to read memos to his grandkids while swimming.

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8. John F. Kennedy

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The Kennedys were naturals on the beach.

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ID: 1526918


Via Bill Beebe / Los Angeles Times Photographic Archive / UCLA
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9. FDR sports this nice one-piece.

ID: 1525991

Stripes are a great look for him.

ID: 1525992

Party time!

ID: 1526743

10. Harry Truman

ID: 1526676

Truman was very good at keeping his beach bod.

ID: 1526013


ID: 1525993

Plus, Truman understood the most important accessory while swimming:

ID: 1526682

11. Bill Clinton

ID: 1525997

Nice move!

ID: 1526002

12. Jimmy Carter refuses to swim because of rabbits.

Via AP
ID: 1526596

13. This is as close as we get to seeing Hoover in the drink.

ID: 1526000

14. Gerald Ford

ID: 1526006

Disrobing was really his signature move.

ID: 1526005

…and swimming in front of 1,000 reporters.

ID: 1526939

15. Teddy Roosevelt would swim only if the animal he was riding at the time wanted to.

ID: 1526010

So who’s your fave?!

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