13 Ways Republicans Can Win The Internet

The Grand New Party.

Cheer Up Republicans!

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You can win the internet and a whole new generation of conservatives if you made just a few changes in your outreach strategy!

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1. The internet likes optimism. Be happy!

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You will never win over new voters if this is the party message:

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Optimism is contagious!

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People need to know that you love doing what you are doing.

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2. Purge the old, disaffected messaging leaders from your ranks.

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So they stop releasing mind-numbing 100-page reports that no one will read.

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3. You don’t have to be serious all the time.

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The internet wants to relate with you and is begging you to be more personal and entertaining!

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Chuck Grassley is a great example!

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Everyone loves him on Twitter !

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Unlike Mitch McConnell, whose Twitter is essentially the foursquare of boring meetings and news articles.

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4. Don’t force social media.

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Social media is about relating with people on an everyday level.

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Eric Cantor should tweet this gif. Because everyone loves smiling rabbits!

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Don’t be scared of pushing your messaging with memes and humor!

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5. And the internet will probably make fun of you when you mess up.

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But just go with it! You can still win!

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6. Acknowledge young Republicans, who are doing the extraordinarily difficult job of being conservative on a college campus.

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They are patriotic and savvy!

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And have aspirational dreams about the future and what it means to be a Republican!

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Young conservatives should be handed the messaging of the party because they are not scared of what people are going to think.

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7. This guy is not the enemy. Libertarians are key to progressing conservative views for young people. Embrace them!

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8. The media may not agree with you on everything…

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…but if you are fun and personable they will love you!

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9. And it is ok to be a character!

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Being yourself with all your flaws is endearing.

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And can add so much to your appeal.

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Go Joe!

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10. Quit it with the phony, photo-op minority “outreach” efforts.

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It comes off as contrived and desperate.

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Republicans in the House and Senate voted for the Civil Rights Act in much larger percentages than Democrats.

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Women’s suffrage was championed by Republicans!

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No, seriously!

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So, start running on the principles of freedom and equality.

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11. Welcome the gays!

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Many gays could be natural Republicans if you reached out to them instead of treating them like this:

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12. Make your serious points pretty and shareable: GOOD JOB Mr. Speaker.

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Senator Roberts has got it!

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13. In the end, being conservative can be awesome — don’t hide it!

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Embrace the youth and the internet and they will embrace you!

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And Hillary says:

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UPDATE: Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee, has tweeted out the smiling rabbit.

.@bennyjohnson I don't know if @GOPLeader will but I got you on #4 --> I like smiling rabbits:

— Darrell Issa (@DarrellIssa)

.@bennyjohnson I don’t know if @GOPLeader will but I got you on #4 —> I like smiling rabbits:— Darrell Issa

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