This Senator Drives A Car Full Of Leaves With Holes In It

Leaf him alone.

1. Meet North Carolina Senator Richard Burr.

Stelios Varias / Reuters
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2. He is kinda famous for driving around a VW Thing on the Hill.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters


Burr has owned the car for 22 years.

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3. You can see the beautiful creature sitting outside the Senate office building any given day.

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4. Front.

ID: 2805874

5. Back.

ID: 2805876

6. But have you ever taken a good look inside?

ID: 2805887

7. The senator is very prepared.

ID: 2805877

8. The key just sits in the ignition next to some wires.

ID: 2805881

9. A lei, aerosol can, a tiger tail and some old parking tickets decorate the passenger side.

ID: 2805875

10. The windshield is a bit cracked.

ID: 2805880

11. But there is still a rearview mirror.

ID: 2805879

12. In the front floor there is a diverse collection of leaves.

ID: 2805885
ID: 2815490

14. The senator sits on a towel when he drives.

The passenger seat is camouflaged.

ID: 2805882

15. The back seat may have a few holes in the upholstery. Also some leaves.

ID: 2805884

16. There is some legislation on the floor in the back.

ID: 2805883

17. There are also parts of the floor that has holes in it where the sunlight shines in.

ID: 2806331

18. Ahhh.

ID: 2805889

19. Lil paint chipping.

ID: 2805890

21. But Burr seems to be having fun anyway.

ID: 2806311

22. BuzzFeed has made multiple requests to Burr’s office to drive around in the car with him, but has not received a response.

ID: 2806385

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