This Congressman Is Really Obsessed With Tweeting Pictures Of His Feet

Who knew?

1. This is Rep. Eric Swalwell. He is a pretty cool guy.

ID: 2012135

2. He is from California, so he flies in and out of D.C. a lot.

ID: 2012156

3. His only problem is that he is, like, really obsessed with taking pictures of his feet while getting off the airplane.

ID: 2012169

4. Look at all these.

ID: 2012170

7. Yes, we’ve seen that before.

ID: 2012175

8. Little dizzy here.

ID: 2012176

9. Oh, you’re reading the Times and you have a foot.

ID: 2012177

10. Is that what the floor looks like?

ID: 2012178

11. No one is quite sure why he does it. But whatever, right?

ID: 2012274

12. Just don’t let it go too far, or else.

ID: 2012293

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