The Most Unfortunately Named Magazine In The Department Of Defense

Their editors’ jobs just got harder

1. PRISM is the magazine of repute for the intellectual National Security crowd.

ID: 1311944

2. PRISM is published by the National Defense University.

ID: 1311939

3. The college states that the magazine is meant “to inform members of U.S. Federal Agencies, allies, and other partners on complex and integrated national security operations.”

ID: 1311945

4. There are many copies of them laying around the college.

ID: 1311924

5. And many colorful editions.

ID: 1311946

6. PRISM also happens to be the name of the clandestine mega-spying program at the NSA and outed by now international man of mystery Edward Snowden.

ID: 1311927

7. It has gained a pretty terrible reputation worldwide.

Pawel Kopczynski / Reuters
ID: 1311956

8. So the question is: How much does the journal and the NSA program have in common?

ID: 1311991

9. And all the editors at PRISM say:

ID: 1311964

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