The Internet Is Really Not Afraid Of Kim Jong-Un

Be vewwwy, vewwwy qwiet.

1. This week, we saw heightened warmongering rhetoric from North Korea.

ID: 1046398

2. But the internet here:

ID: 1046423

3. And here:

ID: 1046680

4. Responded like this:

ID: 1046428

5. Turns out North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un makes for a great meme.

ID: 1046677

12. And their rocket-launching capabilities were really in question.

ID: 1046401

16. There were plenty of fun GIFs made:

ID: 1046662

23. There are naturally many jokes about Un’s weight.

ID: 1046679

29. There was general nonchalance on social.

ID: 1046405

30. And of course there was just the weird.

ID: 1046672

31. And France is always on the table to make fun of.

ID: 1046389

32. In conclusion, the internet’s overall message to North Korea was:

ID: 1046410

33. So the internet said:

Benny Johnson
ID: 1046388

34. Because we got Kid Rock.

Michael Caulfield / Getty Images
ID: 1046418

35. And of course:

ID: 1047824

36. America.

ID: 1046437

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