The Insanity Of The White House Easter Egg Roll

For the win!

1. Every Easter, the White House lawn is opened to thousands of diverse citizens and vegetables.

Mark Wilson / Getty Images
ID: 1032374

2. The President gives an address flanked by a large bunny costume.

Jason Reed / Reuters
ID: 1032373

3. A Patriotic Bunny at least.

Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press / MCT
ID: 1032489

4. He then gives this ‘derp’ expression while playing a lawn sport.

Jason Reed / Reuters
ID: 1032371

5. Meanwhile, the first lady oversees a ‘healthy eating’ contest.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters
ID: 1032377

6. Things generally get out of control.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters
ID: 1032378

7. The President then reads privately to his dog.

Jason Reed / Reuters
ID: 1032499

8. The President’s children must then win a mandatory skipping contest with the Secret Service.

Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press / MCT
ID: 1032465

9. Meanwhile, the President traditionally has his jump shot blocked by a shorter citizen.

Jason Reed / Reuters
ID: 1032495

11. Then arrives the main event: The Children’s Easter Egg Roll.

Jacquelyn Martin / AP
ID: 1031327

12. The children will use a wooden spoon to roll eggs along a line in the grass.

Alex Wong / Getty Images
ID: 1031333

13. The first to get the egg across the line wins.

Alex Wong / Getty Images
ID: 1031332

14. The task is difficult and the First Family is often called upon to assist, as is the case of an errant Easter Egg below:

Jason Reed / Reuters
ID: 1032381

15. Or the First Family may simply scream encouragement at you.

Jason Reed / Reuters
ID: 1032492

16. When one loses, he or she may cry.

Pool photo by Mark Wilson / Getty Images via Abaca Press / MCT
ID: 1032477

17. With the express understanding that one will be consoled by the leader of the free world.

Jason Reed / Reuters
ID: 1032370

18. 135th annual Easter Egg Roll: American Tradition at it’s finest.

Jason Reed / Reuters
ID: 1031329

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