The Government Is Selling THE REAL Air Force One Online For Only $50,000

Flew multiple presidents for +30 years.

1. This beautiful plane, which has been used as Air Force One multiple times, is now for sale.

ID: 1155946

2. She flew in the service of the United Stated government for 30 glorious years, transporting the President, Vice-President, First Ladies and thousands of other dignitaries.

According to the GSA: “In the thirty years this aircraft was assigned to the 89th Airlift Wing (Feb 1975-Sep 2005) it flew Presidential missions, Vice President, First Lady, Cabinet Secretaries (Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, others), Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff, U.S. Senators, U.S. Representatives, Four-Star Generals, Admirals, Foreign Heads of State and other foreign dignitaries.”

ID: 1156170

3. According to pictures posted on the government’s bid page, the plane has a spiffy cockpit.

ID: 1155950

4. Overhead luggage space.

ID: 1155947

5. Luxurious Lazy-boy chairs.

ID: 1155949

6. A blue kitchen.

ID: 1155951

7. And a pimped out meeting room with a pull-out couch!

ID: 1155953


ID: 1156228

9. And you could do this EVERY DAY!

ID: 1156263

14. But this still costs extra:

ID: 1156373

15. H/T Ori Hoffer & Justin Herman

ID: 1156378

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