The 2014 Running Of The Interns

Run #thistown

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2. You may be unfamiliar with the annual D.C. tradition known as the ‘Running of the Interns,’ seen last year here…

Win McNamee / Getty Images
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3. … if you live under a rock.

As a refresher, here is why this glorious annual tradition happens:

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4. There is no televised or electronic recording allowed inside the Supreme Court.

So when a big decision is going to be handed down, broadcast television interns line up inside the court where the print-outs of the ruling are handed out…

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5. … and they physically run the ruling out of the court, across the hot limestone, all the way to their waiting TV anchors.

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6. The sprint is a brutal quarter mile to where the networks are allowed to broadcast.

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7. You know you’re in the presence of a ‘Running of the Interns’ participant when you see an intense youngster wearing dress clothes and running shoes.

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8. The interns have to preform the run in front of hundreds of crazy protesters…

This guy, dressed as a Bible, is wearing no pants

— BuzzFeed Benny (@bennyjohnson)
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9. …and dorky staffers Instagramming them.

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10. The cops actually have to clear out a giant path through the crowd for the intern to run through.

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11. To deliver your ruling first is an intern badge of honor.

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12. The fastest runner in the 2014 Running of the Interns was Jason from FOX News.

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13. Look at that form!

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14. Look at that Rage Face:

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15. Jason is so fast, cameras can hardly catch him as he BLASTS through the crowd.

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16. *slowed down for the human eye*

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17. Just one problem:

Jason Donner once again smokes the competition at the Sup Ct on behalf of @foxnews

— Shannon Bream (@ShannonBream)
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18. Sources at FOX have confirmed: Jason is not an intern.

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20. Meet Leah from FOX Business!

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21. Leah is a pink shoe wearing, go-getter who burned up the court.

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22. **CLICK PLAY**

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23. And here is how happy the Fox Business on-air personality is when Leah arrives.

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24. Other honorable mentions: This speedy intern.

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25. The girl who was able to hold her dress.

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26. And artfully dodge these loiterers.

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27. This total clown who had to be pulled out of the way so the majestic interns can run.

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29. Close call, buddy.

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30. Look at that speed.

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31. And of course, the ‘zero fucks given’ intern.

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32. So here’s to you brave participants in the ‘Running of the Interns.’ Till next session!

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Uncredited photos by Benny Johnson.

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