Photographic Proof That Sochi Is A Godforsaken Hellscape Right Now

In Russia, Olympics compete against you! Follow @SochiFails for more of this.

1. The final preparations for the highly anticipated and perpetually controversial Sochi Olympics are furiously underway.

2. But unfortunately for the tightly controlled Russian PR machine, international reporters have arrived.

3. And here are the things they are finding:

7. Live wires in showers.

30. Some of the situations are so bad they inspired their own memes.

31. And people have even made a survival guide.

32. Journalists making fun of the Sochi conditions will most likely continue through the Olympics.

33. Especially in light of extravagant spending elsewhere…

34. But have no fear! If you are having problems, you can tweet at game organizer Dmitry Chernyshenko.

35. And he will tell you to look at mountains.

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