Presidential Facial Hair Power Ranking

The moustache of western civilization.

10. Chester Arthur’s mutton chop hero.

ID: 1085176

9. James Garfield’s groomed man-bear beard.

ID: 1085179

8. John Quincy Adams’s deep, deep sideburns.

ID: 1085181

7. Franklin Pierce’s Hipster shag.

ID: 1085182

6. The Martin Van Buren “1.21 Jiggawatts”

ID: 1085185

5. The stately Roosevelt downturn.

ID: 1085186

4. The Warren Harding blackened eyebrow.

ID: 1085187

3. Rutherford B. Hayes’s Mountain Man Beard.

ID: 1085188


ID: 1085353

2. RUNNER UP: The Full Lincoln.

ID: 1085183

1. WINNER: The William Howard Taft moustache of excellence!

ID: 1085175

A presidential moustache of pure elegance.

ID: 1085189

Honorable Mention (since not technically facial hair): James Polk’s silverback mullett.

ID: 1085180

Honorable Mention (since not technically facial hair): Andrew Johnson’s bowl cut.

ID: 1085177

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