New Obamacare Twitter Campaign Asks People To Tweet Pictures Of Their Personal Injuries

Who would have guessed?

1. On Wednesday, President Obama asked everyone to start Tweeting photos of their personal injuries.

ID: 2652397

2. The initial reaction was mixed:

ID: 2652933
ID: 2652907
ID: 2652962

5. But then people actually started tweeting their injuries.

ID: 2653192

#tbt to when I fell on the ice and broke my wrist and needed a $32K surgery! I paid ZERO dollars! #GetCoveredNOW

— Nellie B Sires (@NellieBme)
ID: 2653187

A friendly #tbt reminder from @OFA_TX to #GetCoveredNow! 'Cause boys will be boys. http://t.co/TVvk4w5JmB

— Joseph Washington (@Joseph_Wash)
ID: 2653169

If you play sports, you are not invincible. Enroll today. http://t.co/QJLrImiJAU #tbt #getcoveredNOW

— crias (@criaslovesu)
ID: 2653177

Risking bankruptcy because you're uninsured? What are you a clown? #TBT #GetCoveredNow

— Johnny De Vito (@JohnnyMDeVito)
ID: 2653180

This didn't end well. #YOLO is only okay if you #GetCoveredNOW. #LifeHappens #TBT

— Young Invincibles (@YI_Care)
ID: 2653207

That time I caught a baseball...with my face #tbt No hand-eye coordination, but I was covered @OFA_VA #GetCoveredNow

— Laura Kate Bender (@LauraKateBender)
ID: 2653210

#TBT: When life gave me a $7K bike accident bill I was thankfully insured. #GetCoveredNow: http://t.co/S3KEVE0n3Y

— Han Nguyen (@hanseldee)
ID: 2653217

@BarackObama what up, found a tumor in the bones of my dominant hand at 28. #tbt #GetCoveredNow

— not-fun (@inhuman_draw)
ID: 2653224

#tbt Rebecca is happy she has coverage when she had to rock this cast #GetCoveredNow http://t.co/2mTccmurL2 @OFA_IA

— Rachel Cowell (@rcowell14)
ID: 2653229

My beautiful roommate's face. Ruined. #LifeHappens #GetCoveredNowOrElse

— Blaine Cowen (@Blainetheinsane)
ID: 2653256

#GetCoveredNow #LifeHappens @OFA_AZ @DQYoung_OFAAZ @kac025

— Aten Morin (@atenmorin)
ID: 2653268

Lydia fell at library storytime. Thank goodness she and her family had insurance! #GetCoveredNow #LifeHappens #TBT

— ChildrensDefenseFund (@ChildDefender)
ID: 2653294

26. Some politicians joined in, but they have comms teams that vet campaigns like this.

#LifeHappens: Make sure you #GetCovered #tbthursday #TBT

— Cory Booker (@CoryBooker)
ID: 2653264

@BarackObama #lifehappens #earlytbt

— Choclatstar (@Choclatstar)
ID: 2653303

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