"Million Muslim March" Actually Just A Handful Of 9/11 Truthers

Ugh. Get me out of here.

1. Although originally billed as a “Million Muslim March,” it turns out the “Million American March Against Fear” was a 9/11 truther event disguised as a gathering of Muslims.

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2. Organizers were even forced to change the name after they received complaints.

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3. There were not 1 million people in attendance.

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4. And the rally was heavily populated by 9/11 truthers.

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5. So who was responsible for 9/11?

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“Dick Cheney” and “Israelis.”

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“Al Qaeda could not have done it without the help of some on the ‘inside.’”

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“I would say the military industrial complex and secret shadow government were the main culprits.”

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“…9/11 inside job.”

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“The CIA and US military, dual citizen zionists in the US government, Mossad.”

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“Follow the money and the power hungry.”

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“George W. Bush.”

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14. The supposed “Million Muslim March” drew its own protesters…

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15. …as well as thousands of bikers for a “2 Million Biker Ride” counterprotest.

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16. Once the group started marching, they were flanked on all sides by an army of policemen.

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17. The police created a physical barrier between them and the bikers, who loudly revved their engines as they walked by. Approximately 30 people marched.

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18. Freedom!

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19. Hope it was worth it.

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