McConnell Campaign Borrows Meme From Comedy Central

Their pretty good excuse: “It made us laugh.”

1. Senator McConnell and Senate Republicans were in a jubilant mood yesterday after controversial gun control legislation failed to move forward in the Senate.

J. Scott Applewhite / AP
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2. So Team Mitch, which is McConell’s campaign site decided to post a meme about the legislative victory.

ID: 1088518

3. The campaign chose to post this clever meme!

ID: 1088608

4. The picture did immense traffic for the campaign site.

ID: 1088607

5. And an anonymous supporter was thanked for sending it to them:

ID: 1088624

6. All in alla meme success story.

ID: 1088431

7. EXCEPT this meme did not originate with a McConnell campaign staffer. It originated on the Comedy Central Indecision tumblr.

ID: 1088429

8. Mary Phillips-Sandy, editorial producer at Comedy Central digital tells BuzzFeed:

ID: 1088662

9. The meme was the work Comedy Central blogger Ilya Gerner:

ID: 1088678

10. But credit to the McConnell campaign for picking up on the meme just an hour after it’s posting:

ID: 1088785

12. Jesse Benton of the McConnell campaign tells BuzzFeed: “The meme was sent to one of our staffers in an email chain. It made us laugh, so we decided to post on the campaign facebook page.”

ID: 1088384

13. All’s fair in love and meme:

Alex Wong / Getty Images
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