Last Night Senator Scott Brown Was All Like ‘Whatever’

This is how you plot a comeback.

1. Former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown had some interesting twitter conversations last night.

ID: 837950

2. And then the Senator was all like:

ID: 837958

3. A source within the Senator’s inner circle has confirmed with Buzzfeed that it was Brown personally tweeting.

Steven Senne / AP
ID: 837960

4. Which confirms what we already know about Senator Brown.

Ann Segal / AP
ID: 837971

5. …He is awesome.

Cosmo Magazine
ID: 837965

6. And if you talk trash to him on twitter he will be all like:

Charles Krupa/ / AP
ID: 837967

7. And like:

ID: 837975

16. Elizabeth Warren says:

Win McNamee / Getty Images
ID: 837991

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