How Politicians Killed The Selfie

I like taking selfies. These guys should have not ruined it for the rest of us.

1. There was once a simpler time when politicians were not aware of the “selfie.”

AP Photo

And we liked it like that.

3. Someone in the press shop yells: “Hey! We should have them do one of those self-photo things that all the kids are doing.”

“It will make us look cool and relevant!”

5. Yes, Tim Kaine, that is just like the Ellen selfie. Nailed it.

6. Honestly, it is just really, really awkward to watch.

11. You clearly have a staffer available to take a photo of you taking a selfie.

14. Do we really need one more while you are at a memorial service?


16. Or this angle?

23. This is actually what we are all thinking:

24. The selfie is meant to be unpolished.

It’s a unique social tool that we enjoy because it connects the user and the audience in an unpolished, personal, and often impromptu way. When your selfie goes through bureaucratic levels of office approval and hand-wringing, it saps the very nature that made the selfie a cultural phenomenon in the first place. This certainly is not the first time that an entity of the government has reached out for online relevance and fallen short, and it certainly will not be the last.

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