Everything You Could Buy At A D.C. Steakhouse If You Were Eric Cantor’s Campaign

Looks tasty!

1. As you may or may not have heard, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has lost his party’s nomination…

Gus Ruelas / Reuters / Reuters

2. …to a virtually unknown Tea Party challenger, Dave Brat.

3. What you may not know is that Cantor’s campaign spent nearly $170,000 at steakhouses in D.C.

4. While Brat spent only $200,000 on his ENTIRE campaign.


6. Cantor, who is a prolific fundraiser for many Republicans as well as himself, held fundraisers at the steakhouses. But still: It’s a lot of money for food. How much does steak does it take to raise money?

7. The campaign spent this much at Bobby Van’s Steakhouse:

8. To put that in context, that’s more than 1,000 orders of Steak a la Stone, a Bobby Van’s specialty.

9. That’s 3,880 orders of Bobby Van’s escargot.

10. This many orders of Bobby V’s sesame-crusted Tuna!

12. In fact, it’s enough to order EVERY ITEM on the food menu, 54 times.


13. Or you could get 21 bottles of their most expensive wine.

(A six-liter bottle of Silver Oak at $2,500 a bottle.)

14. Cantor’s campaign spent this much at BLT Steak, also in D.C.


15. That is almost 800 orders of BLT’s 28-day dry-aged New York Strip with a side of onion rings.

16. Or enough to order the ENTIRE menu 29 times.

17. You could get 34 bottles of BLT’s most expensive wine for that price.

(A $1,300 bottle of 2006 Brion Bordeaux.)

18. The campaign spent this much at Bobby Van’s Grille across town.

19. That’s enough to order 140 bottles of their most expensive wine!

(A $500 bottle of Joseph Phelps insignia.)

20. Or you could order a bunch of Cajun ribeyes.

21. Or this many lobster cocktails.

22. Or this many orders of crab mac ‘n cheese. MMMMMMMMM.

23. You could have ordered EVERY item on the food menu at this location 60 times.

24. Moral of the story: Eat well while you can.


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