Everything You Could Buy At A D.C. Steakhouse If You Were Eric Cantor’s Campaign

Looks tasty!

1. As you may or may not have heard, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has lost his party’s nomination…

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2. …to a virtually unknown Tea Party challenger, Dave Brat.

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3. What you may not know is that Cantor’s campaign spent nearly $170,000 at steakhouses in D.C.

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4. While Brat spent only $200,000 on his ENTIRE campaign.

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6. Cantor, who is a prolific fundraiser for many Republicans as well as himself, held fundraisers at the steakhouses. But still: It’s a lot of money for food. How much does steak does it take to raise money?

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7. The campaign spent this much at Bobby Van’s Steakhouse:

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8. To put that in context, that’s more than 1,000 orders of Steak a la Stone, a Bobby Van’s specialty.

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9. That’s 3,880 orders of Bobby Van’s escargot.

ID: 3120211

10. This many orders of Bobby V’s sesame-crusted Tuna!

ID: 3120209

12. In fact, it’s enough to order EVERY ITEM on the food menu, 54 times.

ID: 3120810

13. Or you could get 21 bottles of their most expensive wine.

(A six-liter bottle of Silver Oak at $2,500 a bottle.)

ID: 3120207

14. Cantor’s campaign spent this much at BLT Steak, also in D.C.

ID: 3120469

15. That is almost 800 orders of BLT’s 28-day dry-aged New York Strip with a side of onion rings.

ID: 3120573

16. Or enough to order the ENTIRE menu 29 times.

ID: 3120555

17. You could get 34 bottles of BLT’s most expensive wine for that price.

(A $1,300 bottle of 2006 Brion Bordeaux.)

ID: 3120664

18. The campaign spent this much at Bobby Van’s Grille across town.

ID: 3120399

19. That’s enough to order 140 bottles of their most expensive wine!

(A $500 bottle of Joseph Phelps insignia.)

ID: 3120204

20. Or you could order a bunch of Cajun ribeyes.

ID: 3120205

21. Or this many lobster cocktails.

ID: 3120206

22. Or this many orders of crab mac ‘n cheese. MMMMMMMMM.

ID: 3120210

23. You could have ordered EVERY item on the food menu at this location 60 times.

ID: 3120631

24. Moral of the story: Eat well while you can.

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