Breaking Down The Most Important Michelle Obama Photo Ever

Merry Christmas.

1. Wednesday, Michelle Obama had her annual Christmas decorating day at the White House where she invites children to decorate Christmas ornaments.

Jason Reed / Reuters
ID: 2085126

2. Upon meeting two year old Ashtyn Gardner of Mobile, Alabama, Sunny, the Obama’s new dog, jumped on her:

The girl tripped and fell down.

ID: 2085314

3. That led to this: The most important photo of all White House photos.

Jason Reed / Reuters

Here is a breakdown.

ID: 2084873

4. Michelle Obama: Realizing that this will look bad.

ID: 2085204

5. Navy Officer Guy: Checking out the situation.

ID: 2085227

6. Nonchalance Boy: “wut?”

ID: 2085206

7. Nonchalance Boy 2: “huh?’

ID: 2085208

8. Reporter Girl: BEST.DAY.OF.LIFE.

ID: 2085201

9. Camera Guy: BEST.DAY.OF.LIFE.

ID: 2085225

10. The Three Chefs: All hitting the same note.

ID: 2085200

11. Little girl says: “At least I gots my SWAG bag.”

ID: 2085230

12. And Sunny says: “GRRUUURRKKKKKI”

ID: 2085236

13. HAPPY ENDING: Michelle hugged the girl after the ordeal and all was right again.

Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press / MCT
ID: 2085135

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