Breakdown Of The Most Awkward Hug In White House History


President Obama said goodbye to his press secretary of 3 1/2 years today.

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And as a parting gesture, Obama gave Carney a historic gift….

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1. The first problem was Obama not really knowing where to put his hands.

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That’s because Obama was going in for the handshake when Jay done changed the game.

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2. Which caused Carney to have weird flappy hand.


Goodbye, dreams.

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3. That flappy hand latched onto Obama’s elbow, forcing Obama to have Raptor hand.

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“Raptor hand.”

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4. Then Carney buried his head in the sweet spot and kinda gave Obama’s shoulder a little kiss.

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5. Jay thought the ordeal was over (and was releasing) when suddenly, Obama used the Raptor hand to bro yank his head once more.

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6. Then Obama slid out of the hug, side-eye style.



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This tops the last, most awkward hug in White House history.

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The hug has inspired some important Vines

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We encourage you to make your own.

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Thank you Jay Carney for your final, Obama administration gift to the internet.

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