Insane Tourists Blatantly Defying The U.S. Government’s Demands

You are not ready for this.

The government shutdown has shuttered all the monuments and park services in D.C.

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And signs like this are littered all over the city, demanding that people stay out of the beautiful parks FOR THEIR OWN SAFETY.

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1. But look at these radicals who are blatantly defying the federal government by having a stroll and eating lunch in a CLOSED PARK.

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2. Check out these anarchists wandering around this grassy field in front of the Washington Monument.

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“Uhhhh… guys?”

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3. Who are these reprobates?

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4. The reflecting pool is closed, so QUIT IT with your romantic picnic!

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5. Stop taking dumb tourist photos of your girlfriend! This is a SHUTDOWN.

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6. Oh. My. God. People. The Washington Monument is CLOSED. Quit posing with it!

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7. This tree could have fallen on YOU, geniuses!

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8. This squirrel is risking his life right now.

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9. This sidewalk is SHUT DOWN people. Do you want America to fail?

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10. Look at all that yellow tape, and you just jog through it like the hater you are.

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11. There are TWO signs telling WWII vets to stay out of the memorial in their honor. What are they doing?!

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These park rangers cannot even contain the insanity going on at the WWII memorial.

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12. Just look at this kid at the Korean War Memorial.

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13. Just look at these Americans desecrating MLK’s legacy through nonviolent protest of government barricades.

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14. The yellow CAUTION tape has been ripped through at the FDR memorial!!

ID: 1777223

15. How did SHE get in here?!?!?!?!

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National Park Service: “We got more cones in the back! Don’t tempt us.”

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16. Is breaking into this government sidewalk really a good example for your child? Ask yourself, lady.

ID: 1779682

17. Even these police officers are revolting by walking their dogs in the park! Society is DOOMED.

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But don’t even TRY to enter the George Mason Memorial.

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And thank god for the single gate in front of the World War I memorial…

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It seems to be working. At least there is some shred of sanity left.

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