8 Must-Have Political Halloween Costumes For 2013

Very, very scary.


WHAT YOU NEEED: string, red spray paint, and cardboard.


Spray-paint the cardboard red, but be careful: It goes everywhere.


Once all painted cardboard has dried, punch four holes in each one and string the rope through.

Via Benny Johnson/BuzzFeed

String the cardboard front to back so the pieces sit like a sandwich board.

Then you are ready for America’s first DOMA-free Halloween since 1996!

Via Jacob Fischler/BuzzFeed

PLACE WHERE YOU ARE MOST SCARY: Family Research Council.

Via BuzzFeed/ Jacob Fischler

WHAT YOU NEED: adult hot dog costume, gray underwear.

Via BuzzFeed/ Benny Johnson

Put the hot dog costume on first, then the gray underwear over that.

Via BuzzFeed/ Benny Johnson

Accessorize with a cell phone.



Via BuzzFeed/ Benny Johnson

WHAT YOU NEED: large orange pumpkin, suit.


Make a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin and carve a sad face.

Via Jacob Fischler/BuzzFeed

Also, make a small hole for the mouth.

Then put the pumpkin on your head while wearing the suit!

Via Jacob Fischler/BuzzFeed

Get some Camels!

Learn some Boehner poses.

Jacob Fischler/BuzzFeed

Jacob Fischler/BuzzFeed


You can look worried about the shutdown!


Just remember that the pumpkin fills up with smoke if you actually smoke the cigarettes!

Go here for the best trick-or-treating.

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Get a pinup girl outfit.

Via BuzzFeed/ Benny Johnson

And find a busted-up fence.

Via BuzzFeed/ Benny Johnson

Make sure you print off a sassy National Park Service SHUTDOWN sign if you can.

Then hold up the barricade!

Via BuzzFeed/ Benny Johnson

Be careful, a veteran or tea party member may kick you down.


WHAT YOU NEED: scrubs and a black marker.


Write a 404 system error message.


It should look like this!

Via Benny Johnson/BuzzFeed

Accessorize with fake blood.

Via BuzzFeed/ Jacob Fischler

And frustration.


The Obamacare outfit works in many settings!


“Where are my patients?!”

Via BuzzFeed/ Benny Johnson

WHAT YOU NEED: blonde wig, white coat/jacket, pink sneakers, microphone.

Put them all on and stand and talk endlessly everywhere you go.


Make sure you show off your pink shoes!


WHAT YOU NEED: stack of laptops, old American passport, crappy goatee, glasses.


Accessorize by looking nervous.

Via Jacob Fischler/BuzzFeed

Places where you are most scary: FBI, NSA, Pentagon.

Via BuzzFeed/ Jacob Fischler

You should trick-or-treat at the Russian Embassy! They just might make you wait a while.


Just make sure you bring them treats yourself.


WHAT YOU NEED: this inflatable horse costume.

Take your shirt off and you’re Vladimir!

People will have to give you candy because they are intimidated!

Or maybe they will just give you vodka shots.

Happy Political Halloween!


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