8 Must-Have Political Halloween Costumes For 2013

Very, very scary.

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WHAT YOU NEEED: string, red spray paint, and cardboard.

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Spray-paint the cardboard red, but be careful: It goes everywhere.

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Once all painted cardboard has dried, punch four holes in each one and string the rope through.

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String the cardboard front to back so the pieces sit like a sandwich board.

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Then you are ready for America’s first DOMA-free Halloween since 1996!

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PLACE WHERE YOU ARE MOST SCARY: Family Research Council.

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WHAT YOU NEED: adult hot dog costume, gray underwear.

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Put the hot dog costume on first, then the gray underwear over that.

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Accessorize with a cell phone.

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WHAT YOU NEED: large orange pumpkin, suit.

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Make a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin and carve a sad face.

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Also, make a small hole for the mouth.

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Then put the pumpkin on your head while wearing the suit!

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Get some Camels!

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Learn some Boehner poses.

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Jacob Fischler/BuzzFeed

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You can look worried about the shutdown!


Just remember that the pumpkin fills up with smoke if you actually smoke the cigarettes!

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Go here for the best trick-or-treating.

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Get a pinup girl outfit.

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And find a busted-up fence.

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Make sure you print off a sassy National Park Service SHUTDOWN sign if you can.

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Then hold up the barricade!

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Be careful, a veteran or tea party member may kick you down.

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WHAT YOU NEED: scrubs and a black marker.

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Write a 404 system error message.

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It should look like this!

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Accessorize with fake blood.

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And frustration.

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The Obamacare outfit works in many settings!

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“Where are my patients?!”

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WHAT YOU NEED: blonde wig, white coat/jacket, pink sneakers, microphone.

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Put them all on and stand and talk endlessly everywhere you go.

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Make sure you show off your pink shoes!

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WHAT YOU NEED: stack of laptops, old American passport, crappy goatee, glasses.

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Accessorize by looking nervous.

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Places where you are most scary: FBI, NSA, Pentagon.

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You should trick-or-treat at the Russian Embassy! They just might make you wait a while.


Just make sure you bring them treats yourself.

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WHAT YOU NEED: this inflatable horse costume.

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Take your shirt off and you’re Vladimir!

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People will have to give you candy because they are intimidated!

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Or maybe they will just give you vodka shots.

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Happy Political Halloween!

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