8 Reality Shows That D.C. Really Needs

You know you want it.

1. Skinterns

John Gara/ BuzzFeed
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Where college sorority girls come to D.C. and try to make it “on staff.”


Lots of fake IDs and shared housing. Many trips to Georgetown.

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Every season ends with the interns going home and lower level staffers on the Hill calling them.

ID: 2382087

2. Real Tourists of D.C.

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ID: 2334470

Cameras follow around D.C.’s most popular tour companies, showing the lovable exploits of tourists from around the globe.


Taking pictures with iPads and making phallic motions with the monuments, there is no Segway spill the cameras will miss.

ID: 2382380

And everyone in D.C. can watch it like:

ID: 2382106

3. Extreme Happy Hour Catering

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You know all those free industry happy hours you get blasted at? People actually have to plan those.

The series will follow around six catering companies competing for the taste buds of thankless, impoverished staffers all over D.C. It will be like Iron Chef, but the judges will be lobbyists, lawyers, and interns.

ID: 2382107

Ultimate goal of the show: To make everyone go to work like this in the morning

ID: 2382101

4. Surviving On A Hill Salary

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ID: 2346130

Lets follow around some staff assistants making 26K a year trying to make it in one of the most expensive cities in America.

ID: 2382103


ID: 2382088

And every show can end with the staffers saying:

ID: 2382105

5. The Real Househusbands of Dupont

John Gara/ BuzzFeed
ID: 2346222

Explains itself.

ID: 2382097

6. Metro’s Got Talent

Via John Gara/ BuzzFeed
ID: 2346366

Mind-blowing acts gather in front of judges for a shot at being named D.C.’s “Most Talented.”


From street performers, to drunk guys singing on the Metro, all are welcome to show their love of the 202. The winner gets to perform on the Red Line morning commute without police harassment!

ID: 2382354

And guess who judges the competition?

I mean, what else are they doing?

ID: 2382108

7. Crisis Comms Team

Via John Gara/ BuzzFeed
ID: 2346447

A behind the scenes look at the D.C. messaging machine with a real life Nick Naylor.

Did your boss tweet a picture of his member? Get caught with a freezer full of money? Toe tap in the Minneapolis airport bathroom? You need D.C. Crisis Comms Team!

ID: 2382093

8. Joe and Bo: Time Mysteries

John Gara/ BuzzFeed
ID: 2334333

Joe Biden and the lovable first dog solve mysteries through time by sniffing out adventure between official duties.

And foiling the un-patriotic plots of their nemesis Dr. Kim Jong Un.

ID: 2382096

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