Classic Horror Film Monsters Of Congress

The damned monsters!

1. Rep. Henry Waxman as The Phantom.

ID: 1896377

“Someday I will find love.”

ID: 1896655

2. Sen. Pat Leahy as The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

ID: 1896439


ID: 1896660

3. Harry Reid as Count Dracula.

ID: 1896462

“Healthcare.gov! Damed!”

ID: 1896657

4. Sen. Tom Coburn as Wolfman.

ID: 1896392

“Nothing is as horrifying as our National Debt!!”

ID: 1896600

5. Rep. Dan Lipinski as Nosferatu.

ID: 1896405

“I am really tired of showing up in BuzzFeed lists.”

ID: 1896708

6. John McCain as The Mummy.

ID: 1896417

“I was almost President.”

ID: 1896658

7. Rep. Scott Perry as Frankenstein.

ID: 1896447

“I thought you were John Boehner.”

ID: 1896598

8. Rep. Nancy Pelosi as the Bride of Frankenstein.

ID: 1896475

Happy Halloween from your government!

ID: 1896599

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