29 Pieces Of Astute Political Wisdom From The Dowager Countess Of Grantham

Well, we can’t have him assassinated… I suppose.

Welcome to politics 101 with the Dowager Countess of Grantham.

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Congress: “Yes, we are listening.”

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1. Be patriotic.

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2. Learn an intimidating negotiation face.

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3. Know how to deal with your detractors.

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4. Remember this of your colleagues:

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5. Announce when you disapprove.

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6. Get rid of rude staff.

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7. Don’t be afraid to discuss class in society.

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8. Learn this:

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9. Become an international realist.

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10. Learn how to fundraise.

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11. And have confident policies.

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12. Have an excellent work ethic.

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13. Deal with the European financial crisis.

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14. Assess America’s economic condition.

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And give us encouragement about it!

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15. Then say this:

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16. Make this your motto: “Why does everyday involve a fight with an American?”

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17. Understand how to react at emotional events.

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18. Demand a strict dress code for your staff.

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19. Politely discharge your political rivals.

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This will delight your supporters.

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20. Embrace social media, like twitter.

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21. Remember this sage advice:

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22. Make campaign materials like this:

Benny johnson
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Benny Johnson
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23. Do this when someone asks you to raise taxes on the middle class.

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24. Be politely proud of where you came from.

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25. Make this face when leadership does something stupid.

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Make this face when Vice President Joe Biden enters the room.

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26. Wear bright colors.

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27. Don’t ‘officially’ assassinate anyone.

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28. Never miss a breakfast/ lunch/ dinner with constituents.

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29. Remember this whenever you are writing a speech.

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Maggie Smith for President.

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