25 Things "D.C." People Say But Don’t Really Mean

“So what do you do and WHERE DO YOU LIVE?”

25. Greeting from a person you have never met: “It’s good to see you again!”

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24. “I’ll make sure the boss sees this right away.”

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23. “What do you do? …Oh, that sounds interesting.”

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22. “There are no Ubers available, I guess we can walk.”

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21. Elected official referring to a colleague they hate: “My friend…”

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20. “Of course you can crash on my couch while you look for housing.”

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19. “Oh, wow, $1,400 a month for a converted sunroom. So cheap.”

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18. “I would never look up your salary.”

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17. “I don’t lie.”

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16. Intern answering the phone in your office: “Let me check if they are available…Oh, she’s in a meeting… can I give them a note?”

When SHE is sitting RIGHT THERE.

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15. “I love going back home.”

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14. “You look good in seersucker.”

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13. “I am kind of the social media expert of my office.”

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12. “We should get coffee sometime.”

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11. “Thank you for all your hard work. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.”

Followed by: “I love your passion”

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10. To a reporter: “Oh, I read your stuff all the time.”

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9. “Yes, mom, the D.C. dating scene is really mature.”

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8. “These heels are really comfortable.”

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7. “Of course I don’t mind going to your house party in Clarendon.”

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6. “H Street is really safe.”

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5. “I don’t care that I wasn’t invited to that.”

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4. “I really like the new ethics rules in Congress.”

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3. “I only read BuzzFeed for the politics section.”

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2. “I am just here to work for the American people.”

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1. Jay Carney: “I appreciate the question.”

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