23 Things That Are Definitely Not Shut Down In The Capitol

Oh, OK.

1. Construction to beautify the Supreme Court.

ID: 1731543

2. The massive layers of security around the Capitol.

ID: 1731562

Even the guards on bikes.

ID: 1731632

3. The bank in the Senate.

ID: 1730725

And its ATMs.

ID: 1730720

4. Gaggles of interest groups.

ID: 1730721

5. Lobbyists.

ID: 1730730

6. These golden chandeliers.

ID: 1730952

7. The press galleries and press conferences, of course!

ID: 1730797

8. The fancy subway system under the Capitol.

ID: 1731756

Haterz Gonna Hate! Zoom!

ID: 1731761

9. Autumn.

ID: 1730732

10. Gigantic, awful artwork.

ID: 1730726

The miniature models of these awful artworks are not shut down either.

ID: 1730734

11. Cafeterias for hungry staffers.

ID: 1730789

But there are long lines to get coffee.

ID: 1731866

12. Janitorial services.

ID: 1730737

13. Escalators.

ID: 1730788

14. These golden drinking fountains are not shut down.

ID: 1730790

15. Confused tourists walking around with their belts in their hands.

ID: 1730791

16. Golden trash cans for your visitor’s passes.

ID: 1730794

17. The backlighting on this Richard Nixon statue.

ID: 1730799

18. This cleaning lady who dusts the marble statues.

ID: 1731295

19. Angry interview signs.

ID: 1730807

20. Daily paper circulation.

ID: 1730812

21. Repairs on all the spy cams around the Capitol.

ID: 1731634

22. The arsenal of SUVs that shuttles congressional leaders around.

ID: 1731343

23. All of the vending machines, even the one with the “BIG AZ BURGER.”

ID: 1731813

But the iPad that lets you talk about your visit is SHUT DOWN!

ID: 1730793

Also the garbage pickup around the building leaves something to be desired.

ID: 1730715


ID: 1730708

Unless, of course, you have a congressional staff connection.

ID: 1731633

But worst of all, Senate Hair Care is SHUT DOWN!

ID: 1731727

The humanity.

ID: 1731781

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