23 Kitties Of Congress

Ready for the Feline Government?

23. Pal Franken (D-MN)

22. Virginia Cat (R-NC)

21. Very Hairy Reid (D-NV)

20. Joseph Catnnedy III (D-MA)

19. Tom Cat Cole (R-OK)

18. Mitch McKitty (R-KY)

17. Purrrr Ryan (R-WI)

16. Gerry Catnnolly (D-VA)

15. Martha Prrrroby (R-AL)

14. Debby Wasserkitty (D-FL)

13. Henry Waxcat (D-CA)

12. Nancy Purrrrlosi (D-CA)

11. Tom Catburn (R-OK)

10. John McKitty (R-AZ)

9. Kitty King (R-IA)

8. Rand Purrrrrrrraul (R-KY)

7. Michael Grrrrrrrimm (R-NY)

6. Feline Wilson (D-FL)

5. Darrell Ipaw (R-CA)

4. Charlie “Mittens” Rangel (D-NY)

3. Earl Blumeower (D-OR)

2. Billy “Muffins” Long (R-MO)

1. John “Sunshine” Boehner (R-OH)

BONUS: Cat Christie (R-NJ)

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