21 Reasons Why Barack Obama Is Just Like George Bush

They are just like the same person.

Obama and Bush are just like the same person! Don’t believe me?

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21. They are both Hitler.

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20. They both are super awkward dancers.

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19. They both love to run down the halls of the White House with their fluffy black dogs.

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18. They both ran against out-of-touch rich white guys from the east coast.



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17. And beat their asses.

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Like, bad.

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16. They both have two daughters.

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15. They were both athletic in their younger years.

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14. The both love golf and make weird faces while playing it.

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13. They both had awesome hair in school.

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12. They both picked crazy, white-haired vice presidents who LOVE shotguns.

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11. They both smashed their heads on Marine 1.

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10. They both have embarrassing problems with China.

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9. They both went to Harvard.

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8. They both look badass in a cowboy hat.

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7. They both married women who worked in education.


Laura Bush was a teacher. Michelle worked for the University of Chicago.

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6. They are both tall.

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5. They both love to give ridiculously staged speeches.

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4. They both have major beef with Kanye West.

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3. They both are going grey before our very eyes.

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2. They both contributed hefty sums to the national debt.

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1. They both love bombing countries run by dictators with mustaches.

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