15 Types Of People Who Show Up To A Congressional Hearing

We’re gonna have a problem here.

15. Confused interns picking their noses.

ID: 1594519

14. Congressmen playing Candy Crush.

ID: 1594527

And Jungle Run.

ID: 1594531

And taking some creep-shots.

ID: 1594563

13. Wannabe Donald Trumps.

ID: 1594699

12. A bunch of staffers who stand in a row.

ID: 1594534

And take photos over their bosses heads.

ID: 1594781

And chew on pens behind them.

ID: 1594568

11. Photographers!

ID: 1594557

They all sit like this in front of the hearing table….

ID: 1594536

…and do this when people start talking.

ID: 1594505

10. A tired person taking 53,498,690,493,123 questions.

ID: 1594565

9. And reporters who like to type with their computers on their lap.

ID: 1594558

8. A steel-faced stenographer.

ID: 1595073

(Who types on these cool rubber keyboards.)

ID: 1594569

7. Disgraced former congressmen still wearing their congressional pins.



ID: 1594991

6. Code Pink.

ID: 1594508

They like to argue with cops and staffers.

ID: 1594633

And the cops like to wear blue latex gloves when they have to touch them.

ID: 1595105

5. A bunch of self-important people talking like they are calling plays in the NFL.

ID: 1594525

4. Angry old men.

ID: 1594513

3. Congressmen contemplating the use of large posters.

ID: 1594512

2. Dogs and men with iPods on their heads.

ID: 1595817

1. C-SPAN.

ID: 1594560

BONUS: Pauly D.

ID: 1594574

And Pauly D thinks this about Syria.

ID: 1594974

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