11 Amazing Data-Driven Maps Of The United States Really Put Things In Perspective

“I never saw it like that…

Flowing Data recently pointed out some amazing facts about American geography.

ID: 3314658

1. According to their data, these are America’s top states:

ID: 3314325

2. Further research has gone on to show that these are America’s bottom states:

ID: 3314112

3. Extensive research has placed these states right in the middle:

ID: 3314364

4. America’s most right-leaning states.

ID: 3314109

5. America’s most left-leaning states:

ID: 3314113

6. America’s main state:

ID: 3314110

7. America’s lowest state:

ID: 3314442

8. America’s highest state:

ID: 3314114

9. American states who can’t handle:

ID: 3314111

10. America’s new states:

ID: 3314363

11. States who think they are better than all the other states:

ID: 3314338

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