10 Ways America Is Still Number One


10. America is home to 6 of the top 10 Universities in the world.

And 83 of the top 400 universities in the world.

9. We are #1 in the world in olympic medals.

To put that in perspective, the number 2 country would be Russia with 1835 overall medals and that’s including their Soviet Union era.

8. Americans have the highest level of personal earnings (defined as average annual earnings per full-time employee), at $54,450 per year.

7. US gave $30 billion in foreign aid last year—more than double the second largest contributor on this list.

However this did only account for 0.2% of the country’s gross national income.

6. America has the largest Gross Domestic Product on the planet BY FAR at $15.56 trillion.

5. America has BY FAR the largest consumer market on the planet.

Making up ALMOST 30% of the world’s purchasing power.

4. America has the most powerful military on the planet and accounts for roughly 40% of the world’s defense budget.

3. America has the most gold reserves in the world.

2. America is the world’s largest producer of beef and cheese.

1. America is the place Chuck Norris chose to be born.

And if you dont think America’s #1 Chuck Norris says:

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