This Local News Reporter’s Bear Attack Video Is The Funniest Thing In The World

What to do if a bear attacks? This reporter tells all.

1. Julie Tremmel, a Cranston, R.I., TV reporter, explains to her viewers what to do during a bear attack.

ID: 1360019

2. “According to experts, you should avoid direct eye contact with the bear.”

ID: 1359954

3. “Don’t run away, just back up slowly.”

ID: 1359969

4. “Wave your arms to let the animal know you’re human.”

ID: 1359980

5. “Don’t yell, stay quiet unless the bear attacks.”

ID: 1359992

6. “Then scream and throw things at the bear.”

ID: 1360000

7. “If the bear attacks, crawl up into a ball on your side.”

ID: 1360007

8. “Or lay back on your stomach. And above all, stay calm.”

ID: 1360011

9. Thumbs up, Julie.

ID: 1360143

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