26 Signs You Work In Social Media

“Ugh, Insights is down again.”

1. Tweeting from the wrong account is a legitimate situation you fear.

Tweetdeck: Destroying careers since 2008.

ID: 1305141

2. You yell out “WHY?!” when this happens.

And bang your desk every time it doesn’t work.

ID: 1305129

3. You do this every month.

“July? It’s National Hot Dog month!”

ID: 1305215

4. This is your everyday vocabulary.

ID: 1377717

5. You’ve complained about the pointlessness of Klout and yet you’ve checked your score a fair amount of times.

And you’re elated when you get a cool perk.

ID: 1307845

6. If you accidentally tweet a grammatical error from your brand’s account, everyone immediately corrects you and it makes you want to cry.

ID: 1379604

7. Choosing a social listening/moderation tool is like naming your child.

And when you find it, you just pray the company will pay for it.

ID: 1378626

8. You’ve sent agency-wide emails asking coworkers to “like” a Facebook page so you could secure a URL.

ID: 1378388

9. Trying to explain your job to your friends and family is like rocket science.

You: I run social media for [insert brand]
Friend: But what does that mean?
You: I run the Facebook and Twitter pages for [insert brand]
Friend: So you basically tweet all day? I could do that.
You: *Resists the urge to punch friend in face*

ID: 1378875

10. You probably checkin at restaurants before you even go inside.

ID: 1378998

11. This makes you weep.

ID: 1379191

12. You know what EdgeRank is and have probably cursed it a few times.

Wait, only 14% of my brand’s fan base even SEES these posts in their feed? Why is my reach on text posts higher than photos? WHY IS THIS ALL HAPPENING?

ID: 1307784

13. Auto DMs make you unreasonably angry.

Actually, this is completely reasonable.

ID: 1379458

14. You’ve seen your fair share of hate messages in your twitter feed.

And you could most definitely get any customer service job after dealing with all the trolls.

ID: 1313481

15. When there’s a company crisis, you deal with all the wrath.

Ughhhhh it’s not MY fault stop yelling at me! :(

ID: 1313529

16. You create an account on new social platforms because you’re an early adopter.

Whether or not you frequently use it is a different story.

ID: 1378512

17. You think in 140 characters or less.

And when you don’t have enough room, you just axe the vowels. That works, right?

ID: 1379092

18. This is basically you at any given moment.

ID: 1379171

19. Vacation? HAHA that’s short for “I’ll check my pages once or twice a day.”

ID: 1379193

20. If you have a bad experience, your first instinct is to tweet your angst at the company twitter handle.

ID: 1379304

21. You have this website bookmarked.

ID: 1379349

22. As much as you make fun, you have definitely started a Facebook post with “Like this if.”

You are also probably laughing at the stupidity of this post.

ID: 1379397

23. You sympathize with CMs when a brand is suffering a PR disaster.

ID: 1379518

24. You get a little too excited when a celeb mentions your brand.

But when they don’t mention your handle… THE WORST.

ID: 1379566

25. There is no better feeling than banning a troll.

ID: 1379533

26. But even though you deal with a lot of crap, you kind of really love your job.

ID: 1379635

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