16 Reasons You Should Never Add Your Boss On Facebook

Do NOT accept that friend request.

1. Because they will know if you’re on Facebook during work.

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2. And you cannot talk sh*t about your manager or you are bound to get fired.

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3. Because if you post something that was meant to be a private message, they will know your dirty secrets.

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4. They will know when you’re lying to them about missing work.

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5. And call you out on it.

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6. When you write on a brand’s wall, your boss can see it. And they will learn things about you they wish they hadn’t.

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7. Someone could comment about personal drama on your status.

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8. Or tag you in very inappropriate posts.

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9. Because sometimes you might forget that you’re friends in the first place.

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10. They’ll judge you for getting too personal.

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11. Watching Socialcam videos will definitely come up in their News Feed.

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12. And Graph Search will let them know what you really like.

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13. Because sometimes you think Facebook is Google, and now they know your search history.

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14. Your friends will always comment with sexual innuendo.

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15. Your boss will see you only as a mistress.

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16. And then they will fire you for being stupid.

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