22 Weirdest Campaign Buttons At The Nixon Library Fair

There will be puns. Proudly geeky members of the American Political Items Collectors showed off their stuff at their annual fair in Yorba Linda, Calif. over the weekend.

1. Mitt Romney may have lost the campaign for president, but he wins at political buttons.

Ariane Lange

ROM-KNEE. Surprising that Romney’s crack team of button designers didn’t give him more of a leg up.

ID: 1094842

2. Democratic Deadheads.

Ariane Lange

Bet Bill Clinton and Al Gore were grateful for the support.

ID: 1094797

3. Excellent soap opera reference.

Ariane Lange

The Ronald Reagan button pins him for the attempted murder/classic cliffhanger on Dallas.

ID: 1094812

4. A new spin on “political junkies”

Ariane Lange

The 1976 Gerald Ford/Bob Dole republican ticket was a trip.

ID: 1094811

5. Dorks.

Ariane Lange

Presidential candidate Al Gore and his wife Tipper, rocking the awkward-Christmas-card vibe.

ID: 1094805

6. Decent wordplay + excellent reminder that the Democrats’ mascot used to be a rooster.

Ariane Lange

Political memorabilia collector Rob Clifford says this is probably an 1896 campaign button for William Jennings Bryan, and it is certainly a rooster holding a broom.

ID: 1094800

7. Showing some restraint.

Ariane Lange

Senator Goldwater’s supporters don’t get too barried away.

ID: 1094804

8. Jerry Brown will not be objectified.

Ariane Lange

Just because he’s pretty doesn’t mean he didn’t win his 1978 gubernatorial campaign for reelection. Work it, Jer.

ID: 1094814

9. Wordplaying Nazis.

Ariane Lange

Wordplay vs. fascism GUESS WHO PUN THAT WAR?

ID: 1094816

10. Leave it to the ’60s to make hologram buttons.

Ariane Lange

For John F. Kennedy, nothing says “the hip and modern 1960 candidate” like a wearable hologram.

ID: 1094815

11. Ouch.

Ariane Lange

President Gerald Ford throws peanuts at Jimmy Carter in 1976.

ID: 1094838

12. Identity politics.

Ariane Lange

Check it out.

ID: 1094818

13. Burn.

Ariane Lange

Wordplay stings like no udder.

ID: 1094819


Ariane Lange
ID: 1094820

15. Best outdated photo.

Ariane Lange

We all know what Newt Gingrich really looked like in the 2012 race.

ID: 1094821

16. Buzzkill.

Ariane Lange

The Prohibition Party knows how to pick a mascot AND appeals to the youth vote by giving that mascot sunglasses.

ID: 1094840

17. Best caricature.

Ariane Lange

Take that, Lyndon B. Johnson. xoxo cartoonist David Levine.

ID: 1094817

18. “Malarkey” is always a win.

Ariane Lange

Eugene McCarthy almost rhymes this time in his 1968 presidential campaign.

ID: 1094825

19. Bush flips the bird.

Ariane Lange

The George Bush/Dan Quayle 1988 election pin duck-calls out Democrats Michael Dukakis, Lloyd Bentsen, and Jesse Jackson.

ID: 1094841

20. Sock monkeys are picking sides.

Ariane Lange

“Home of the Sock Monkey.” ‘Nuff said.

ID: 1094843

21. Hurtful!

Ariane Lange

Al Gore and Joe Lieberman feel the cam-pain in 2000.

ID: 1094844

22. They clearly bug one another.

Ariane Lange

Wendell Willkie vs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was running for a third term in 1940.

ID: 1094845

23. This newsletter is not a button, but it was the most baldfaced political pandering at the fair.

Ariane Lange

“Some of my best friends are black!”

ID: 1094834

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