8 Food Trends The Paleo Diet Has Crushed

The meat-heavy diet has trounced Atkins, raw food, and even gluten-free, according to Google Trends.

1. It beat out the South Beach diet in 2011.

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2. Same with the Master Cleanse.

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But the Beyonce-approved cleanse does seem to spike in popularity every January.

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3. And the Mediterranean diet.

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Though Mediterranean was buoyed by some good press earlier this year.

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4. It surged past Atkins in 2012.

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5. The raw food diet never really put up a fight.

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6. Gluten-free has been surprisingly static.

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7. The “Skinny Bitch” diet tried hard but ultimately lost.

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This vegan diet enjoyed its biggest audience in 2007.

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8. Low-fat has been languishing for years.

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However, there is one food trend that Paleo has yet to catch up with…

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