Former NSA/CIA Chief Michael Hayden: "Iraq Has Ceased To Exist" And Is Now In 3 Parts

“I don’t see them getting back together and we need to deal with that reality.”

Former Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency chief Michael Hayden warned Thursday that “Iraq has ceased to exist” and that the country is now divided into three parts — a reality that U.S. policy makers must embrace.

Speaking with NewsmaxTV, Hayden said the U.S. should treat the area in Iraq under the control of ISIS, which he called Sunnistan, the same way the U.S. treats Waziristan, the tribal region of Pakistan with a heavy Taliban presence.

Here’s the video of Hayden’s comments:

“I think Iraq has pretty much ceased,” Hayden said. “It’s divided into three parts. You’ve got Kurdistan which is quite healthy. You’ve got Sunnistan which right now is controlled by terrorists, and you’ve got the rough state of Iraq which I’ll call Shiastan which is the only part under (Iraqi Prime Minister) Nouri al’Maliki’s control. I don’t see them getting back together and we need to deal with that reality.”

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