The Last 13 Presidents In A Different Light

Truman. Shirtless! On a yacht. In Bermuda.

1. Franklin Roosevelt with a shark he caught during a cruise:

ID: 1240374

2. Harry Truman hanging out shirtless on the presidential yacht wearing loafers while touring Bermuda:

ID: 1240207

3. Dwight Eisenhower with some cool shades:

ID: 1240206

4. President Kennedy and his wife watching the America’s Cup Race off Rhode Island:

ID: 1240272

5. Lyndon Johnson presenting a young boy a basket of puppies:

ID: 1240223

6. Richard Nixon playing the piano at the Grand Ole Opry House:

ID: 1240215

7. Gerald Ford napping while deep-sea fishing:

ID: 1240356

8. Jimmy Carter fishing with his daughter in Georgia:

ID: 1240346

9. Ronald Reagan dressing up as Santa Claus at the White House:

ID: 1240221

10. George H.W. Bush and his sons bro-ing out on a motorboat:

ID: 1240247

11. Bill Clinton and Al Gore jogging:

ID: 1240354

12. George W. Bush embracing a child in an orphanage in Zambia:

ID: 1240245

13. President Obama with a squirt gun at Camp David:

ID: 1240367

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